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With decades of experience in the cannabis and hemp industries under our belt, Outcrowd is ready to empower your brand.

Rj Falcioni Jr.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
"Impeachments, Deadly Viruses, Unstable Markets, Tariffs - In the year of the Rat, start up businesses are in need of two things - a heavy dose of reality and a strong, helping hand.

Over the last 12 years, as a consultant, mentor, entrepreneur and activist, I've had the pleasure of delivering those two solutions to businesses and investors in the cannabis, hemp, technology and service industries.

12 years is a long time to do anything in our modern, hyper-connected world and I can say, hands down, this time taught me that with preparation, a true understanding of the opportunity and confidence, any business can be a success.

I put together the Outcrowd team and selected our senior consulting partners, not because of their recognizability but because of their ability to get things done the Outcrowd way.

To me, a name brand is only as good as the product - though Apple would disagree with me - so I looked at the product produced by our senior partners, I looked at the value they brought to the businesses and the investors they worked with when inviting them to join our team.

When your business needs help - and it will -and you find yourself deciding who to trust with your growth goals, I'd ask you to think the way I did; consider not the name or the media coverage of the firm, but rather the quality of the solution the consultant can bring to your business in it time of need.

"Need" is a funny word - to most, it implies a negative situation or some kind desperation but the reality is needs are just opportunities waiting for solutions and recognizing your businesses' needs at the right stage while capturing the positive energy that can come from solution...."


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